Welcome to the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme

Earlier last year, the Staples Rodway KiwiSaver Scheme (SRKS) came under the wing of Funds Administration New Zealand Limited (FANZ), Southland Building Society’s (SBS Bank) managed funds and investment advisory business. Strength comes through unity and we believe one large business will best serve the needs and interests of all our investors over the years ahead.

To that end, we have sought Financial Markets Authority (FMA) approval to transfer SRKS members’ KiwiSaver account balances over to the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme (LKS). We’ve created two new funds to ensure continuity in the management of SRKS account balances once they are transferred to LKS. For the transfer to happen, SRKS members need not do anything nor will it cost them anything. We'll take care of everything. Once the transfer proceeds, the SRKS is likely to be wound up.

Transferred members will immediately notice lower management fees and lower monthly administration fees (down from $3.44 to $2.00 a month) and will have the ability to alter their Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme account's mix of income and growth assets at any time.

We are excited by this development. The greater the pool of investors, the lower its costs are and the greater its reach. This is truly a case of the power of one.


In the meantime, learn all about our Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme by searching our website below: